While the world is abuzz over the Ooh La La singer, Britney spears’ recent transformation, people are more than eager to discover her secret to such a bombshell body.  

Britney, whose professional career has finally gone towards some stability, has been making headlines lately.

Britney Spears Weight Loss

Honestly speaking, the mother of two has never looked this perfect and beautiful before.

As per the sources, the 36 years old has reduced some 20lbs and that too, by switching herself to a healthy track.

Now that’s a worth praising accomplishment!

Interestingly, her weight gain concerns were not unusual to her. She has been in a constant struggle to overcome, but quite surprisingly, managed to succeed with the revival of her career.

Well, we can simply fantasize a beach ready body like her!

Age: 36 years.
Height: 1.63m (5.3”)
Weight loss: 20 pounds.
Current Weight: 57 Kg.


The 90’s icon, as said, followed the traditional weight loss route to shape up and luckily, she has provided her fans with the inside scope of her current routine.

The maintenance of Britney Spears lifestyle does not require a fortune and hence, very much practical.

So, here are the details of Britney Spears weight loss and the practices she followed throughout the weight cutting phase.


The x-wife of Kevin Federline is administered by a professional trainer who has designed her workout with great deal of variation.

Britney Spears workoutThis is done to make Britney Spears workout more engaging and wide-ranging.

Since Britney’s performances are heavily encircled around stage, high stamina and energy are her basic needs to survive.

Hence, her fitness regime is purposely designed in accordance with her weight loss and performance needs.

Another worth admiring fact about her workout is that it is not high-tech requiring some advanced machines or equipment to be followed.

Since Britney is a star, she cannot commit herself to the gym every day, hence, her workout is planned considering her busy schedules and not availability of the gym environment every time.

To increase the muscular endurance for energy packed performance and bust fat for an arresting physique, the ‘toxic’ girl would follow cardio workouts mixed with some extreme HIIT.

She would follow her sessions thrice every week, with each one of it taking some 50 to 60 minutes to be followed.

In addition to her fitness regime, the current love interest of Sam Asghari also practices yoga for some 1 and a half hour, twice every week.

While Britney is very much into training and workouts, she believes that anything that goes to extreme is not good.

Her thoughts on moderation are often depicted by her Instagram posts.

For example, she once posted:

”I love cardio and sweating, but overdoing anything just isn’t good”.


When it comes to diet, the singing sensation was no different from most of us.

She too, loved junk and was carefree enough to enjoy her favorite meals in the past.

Britney Spears dietHowever, her decision to go healthy demanded her to quit all the refined, junk and sugary foods in the very first place and so, she did.

Britney Spears diet is full of health boosting foods today. It is a perfect amalgamation of protein with restricted level of fat and carb.

As stated earlier, the singer needs energy to perform and wants to stay fit at the same time; therefore, she has confined her daily caloric intake to 1200.

In order to adhere to her limitations, she nourishes herself with a protein packed smoothie in the morning and afternoon, as a replacement of meals.

However, her evening and dinner routine are completely different.

Here’s how she feeds herself in the other half of the day:

Evening: A wholesome meal based on vegetables, good fats and protein.
Dinner: Steamed fish or grilled chicken with brown rice.

A complete switch from carb to protein is what paying big dividends to the icon.

No wonder, a diet like this is highly significant for speeding BMR, which is through and through favorable for the fitness enthusiasts.


Apart from intense workouts and wise food choices, Britney’s secret to sporting such a slimmer body lies in her healthy habits.

The singer no longer sips in cappuccinos and prefers black coffee in place.

Furthermore, she does not drive to alcohol and try to hydrate her body with as much as water as possible!


Britney Spears before and after photos are sure to turn you upside down!

Britney Spears before and after weight loss

She has transformed completely and is almost unrecognizable now.

We wonder if such a professionally active and mother of two can look this sizzling, why can’t us?